Arms down to my knees

Well with any paint job the clear coat has to be allowed to harden. With an industrial booth with blow of sides for safety, and an oven inside, this is easy. Not so at ambient temperature, so the key is just to leave it a few weeks to settle.

Then the hard part…one tiny little sanding block, 2000 grit wet and dry, some soapy water and two days of your life while you slowly lose the skin on your fingers and the use of both arms for several days after!

Getting the surface flat is important for the finish of the surface, so this is what you have to do…






Once you’ve done all the paint..which if done properly will take about two days to flat, you use several grades of  polish and a machine polisher to get the shine back, like this




It will probably settle again due to the thinners in the paint trying to escape as you’ve taken the surface of by sanding it again, but a quick whizz will sort it out.


2 thoughts on “Arms down to my knees

  1. Matt, yes I do feel happy now that the majority is over. There are a few little jobs to finish and a couple of leaks to locate (which I think are the roof windows) but apart from that, we’re done. I’m glad you think it’s unique, that was the aim; something a bit different from the usual ‘nail on a hightop and paint it blue’ themes. It stops traffic and people just smile looking at it, it’s wonderful. More smiles per gallon than a Ferrari 🙂

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