Electrical Gremlins

Well it’s been a massively complex month. Got the van to a stage where it could be MOT’d and closed down the business I’ve been operating for the best part of a decade. Times are getting tougher for small businesses but I tell you what, what a relief I feel. I’ve never slept better than I did last night. Anyway on with the build.

After having moved the hook up it was time to fit an RCD and MCB to protect both the van’s internal electrics and the site we’d be connected to. After that the maze of wiring for the 12 volt system was attached. There was a significant amount of cussing and finger stabbing here so I’l simply share the pictures!

This the Zig unit and that big black thing at the back is the mound of cables which must be attached to it!!



Cue finger stabbing and not impressed face



Andy helping me feed the wiring through the pillars from the Zig unit



and loom them nicely together to run under the cupboard inside their custom recess



after all that joy I added and illuminated switch for the cupboard lights




Fixed the original Dehler roof lights as they were totally knackered and fell apart once touched



Wired in the water pump (the second water pump as I made a mess of measuring the hole the first time)


After all this I was ready to collapse in a shredded heap, but after a few test runs with equipment and putting cupboards in and out several times it was nearly time for permanent fixing!!




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