I Have Gas

The bus does a huge 23 mpg on unleaded so for our long distance touring we need something  a lot more economical…enter LPG. One weekend in the not so distant past one of my closest and most sensible friends, Dave, helped me install the LPG and what a total nightmare it was. Everything went well but the fill pipe. There is a special place in hell reserved for that thing.

The electric’s were installed when the wiring was done so half the job had already been completed. Having said that the electrical system for an open loop system is so simple, anyone could do it.



The filler was inserted when all the body mods took place so all that was left to do was actually sling a pipe on the back of it




Next we ran the pipe down the chassis to the tank



but getting it through the firewall and into the gas tight enclosure…about two hours of fiddling, swearing and repeated brew abuse. Here’s Dave having a meltdown!




We finally managed it and fitted the supply pipe to the mixer unit


Then hooked it up to the BLOS carb and hey presto!


Now all i have to do is take it to be set up and tuned


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