The Wizzard of Cloth

The interior of this bus was always going to be a contrast featuring hints of the exterior colour, and it was always going to be special. I have never deviated from using my good friend Rich, from because put simply the quality of his work is second to none. There is no better.

The brief was a custom design based on a custom made 3/4 rock and roll bed and front Saab 95 convertible seats.  We will have to complete some smaller items but the main bits are in. I’ll let the photos do the talking while i drool over them….

This is the wizard of cloth having a good breakfast before he starts 🙂



and this is the magic







Now tell me they don’t look amazing! The green is a special ‘fern print’ PVC designed to give the impression of real foliage and it suits the bus down to the ground







I’m going to be in awe of these seats for many years to come! Thank you so much Rich, you’ve done an amazing job, as always.


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