Hi there, and welcome to the Serenity Camper page which is all about our VW bus!

My name’s Rich, and together with my wife Sarah we have just completed the challenge of fulfilling one of our fondest dreams; to buy and restore a Volkswagen bus and tour Europe and the coast of the United Kingdom in her for our honeymoon!


The bus was purchased in February 2012 and was used as my everyday transport so we could establish whether there were any serious faults with the vehicle. There weren’t, which was great news so during the winter of 2012 I started the stripdown and repair process.


We want the bus to be as efficient as possible so have added an LPG system which will essentially halve the fuel bill and when you’re running at 23 mpg average, that’s a big deal.

I have designed this site to keep our family and friends in the loop while we are, firstly building the bus, and then out galivanting across the U.K. and Europe, but also (as the van will have this web address featured on it) for people we meet along the way to have the opportunity to add to our story and see all the things we get up to on our trips.

Some of the visitors on Sunday

With that in mind this blog at http://www.serenitycamper.com will be an informative area with regular photo, video and editorial updates on places to stay or visit so that all our fellow tourers can experience some of the places we have found for themselves.

2012-08-15 16.27.16

So please stay tuned for updates and developments. Bye for now, prost!


It’s a shame to have to tell you all but Serenity has gone to a new home in the wilds of Newcastle, so if you see her be sure to flash and wave to her new owners who are fabulous people and they’re as much in love with her as we have been 🙂


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